Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you do same day turn arounds?

    Definitely! We want to help you as the owner maximize and also allow guests to get the most out of your home away from home. To make the process as smooth as possible we ask that adequate notice of same day turnarounds is given.

  2. Do I need to have two sets of bedding and towels?

    Depending on how much time elapses in-between bookings we are willing to work with you, however in general we recommend two sets of everything including duvet covers to make the cleans as efficient as possible.

  3. What does your laundry service off-site include?
    As we take great pride in caring for your uint we do our laundry off-site so your machines are just used by the guests you have stay. This is why we require twoo sets of everything. Our laundry services include washing and drying everything guests have used after each booking, this even includes the duvet covers as we want every guest to have the comfort of sleeping in a nice fresh bed with not only clean sheets but a clean blanket. We also wash all towels, bathmats, etc. If an item of bedding is found to have a stain we also take the time to wash, bleach, and dry the stain. If we are unable to remove a stain we contact the owners so that they are aware.

  4. Do you clean barbecues?

    Yes! We clean the barbecue itself, the grease pan and any utensils used for the barbecue.

  5. Can I make a special request for a booking?

    Yes, if you can let us know in advance we would be happy to put a bottle of wine, some chocolate or have any other item ready for your guests.

  6. Does 3 Peaks Cleaning let the owners know if they notice any damage when cleaning after a booking?

    Absolutely! As homeowners ourselves we know the importance of checking for damage after each rental. This is why Rowyn and Tobias personally check each owners unit themselves for any damages after each of your bookings. If any one of our team notices new damage from guests that have just departed your unit, we let you know ASAP. This way you as the owner will be able to retain the cost of the damage from your guests damage deposit.