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About Us

Our Story

In 2017 Rowyn met her business partner Tobias Koller at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. Tobias graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2018 with the hopes of entering into medical school, and Rowyn graduated 8 months later with a Bachelor of Arts and the completion of her post-secondary volleyball career. Throughout Rowyn's time in university, and through the constant encouragement of her parents and grandparents, she used cleaning homes and ventured into creating small businesses to get a better understanding of the industry while in university. Rowyn's dream career goal was always to play professional volleyball overseas or run her own business (which comes into play later in this story). However, due to an unfortunate sports injury, she was forced to retire her volleyball jersey and give up her dream of playing professionally overseas.

Our Story

Crushed by this reality, Rowyn and Tobias worked together to create new career paths for both of them as Tobias further realized that his true passions lay in working in the business world instead of the medical field. As Tobias grew up in Langley, helping his parents manage their RV company, he was always surrounded by business, hospitality, and international travel and naturally came to thrive and develop vital skills in these sectors. Through a strong partnership with Fraserway RV and the Koller's direct access to the Swiss, German, and European markets, their business in Langley succeeded throughout the years. This success created a steppingstone for the business Rowyn and Tobias would later create in Sun Peaks.

Our Story

In 2008 the Koller's ventured to Sun Peaks for the first time on their annual ski vacation. As you can guess, as many do when they experience Sun Peaks, they fell in love! In 2015, they bought their first unit on the hill to enjoy their yearly family ski vacations. As time passed and their admiration for Sun Peaks grew, they took the opportunity to invest further into vacation rentals in Sun Peaks. Their goal: to rent to those who had not yet come to see the beauty that lies within one of Canada's best-kept secrets. Through this, Rowyn's dream had become a reality, and she saw an opportunity to run a cleaning business in Sun Peaks that would start with cleaning and managing the Koller's vacation rentals and eventually open its doors to others on the hill. In no time at all, Rowyn and Tobias moved forward in hiring their first part-time staff members to take on the cleans they could not do themselves while finishing university.

Rowyn and Tobias, however, quickly realized that they would need to be involved full-time. They searched far and wide to find excellent quality cleaning and management services but found this was not a possible reality in Sun Peaks. They did not want to hand off their units to be managed by those whose standards were not as high as theirs, so they took the step and opened their cleaning service and management doors to others. Their goals: to offer high-quality cleaning and low management fees with included services such as on-mountain support and their newest service in interior design. They are confident in the potential each unit on the hill has to reach considerable rental revenue amounts, leaving more income on their client's bottom line.

More modern and updated homes to rent are an increasing demand among guests looking to vacation in Sun Peaks. Upon great success in renting and gaining extensive knowledge in guest preferred vacation home design styles, Rowyn took an opportunity to educate herself for fun in interior design and decor. With her enjoyment in design, she aims to help owners increase their rental revenues by redesigning, renovating and staging their units at affordable costs. This is the newest sector of 3 Peaks Rentals, for which Rowyn and Tobias have proudly opened and already obtained clients.

Rowyn and Tobias officially became 3 Peaks Ltd. on November 27th, 2018. With their cleaning, managing, and interior design business, they are now providing services to over 120 properties on the hill. With Sun Peaks growing as a community and new rentals continuing to come on the market, management, cleaning, and interior design are significantly increasing in demand. This is a void they are passionate to fill with their high-quality services.

Their business aside, Rowyn and Tobias are so grateful for the fantastic community and people they get to meet through working on the hill. Both love that their jobs allow them to connect and build relationships with people who live in Sun Peaks and those who visit Sun Peaks from around the world. This is a special place to them, they feel blessed to call beautiful Sun Peaks their home, and are very excited for what the future holds!


Meet The Team!


Rowyn Koller

3 Cool Facts About Rowyn:

1) She comes from a big family and has 6 brothers and 2 sisters.
2) She won nationals with her volleyball team when she played for Trinity Western University.
3) She started skiing for the first time in 2018.

In Rowyn's free time, she enjoys travelling, being active in Sun Peaks great outdoors, and interior design. She is a visionary who loves business and is always looking for ways to expand 3 Peaks Rentals. Her goal is further to ensure clients and guests have an incredible experience while in her care.


Tobias Koller

Owner/ Operations Manager

info@3peaksrentals.com (778) 650-0407

3 Cool Facts About Tobias:

1) He was born in Switzerland.
2) He has been skiing since he was 2 years olds.
3) He just started drinking coffee.

Tobias enjoys travelling, reading, and exploring Sun Peaks through skiing, hiking, and biking in his free time. His passion for the outdoors and his love for Sun Peaks can be seen in his dedication to ensuring each client is well taken care of and that each guest that stays has a fantastic experience in Sun Peaks.


Heidi Barrett


Tom Williams


Viki Blackmore


Alan Edgecombe

Business Development Manager



Emma Rogers

Operations and Housekeeping Manager



Tanaki Asano

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