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Walk Throughs

We provide walk throughs for insurance proposes and for your peace of mind.

Due to the extreme conditions that buildings in Sun Peaks are exposed to it is important to have your unit checked on regularly. In the event of an emergency the sooner the issue is identified the less severe the damage will be and the quicker a team can be organized to begin the repair process.

What we include in our checks:

  1. Washer water line check and Dryer check
  2. Check to see that all TV/Stereo/lamps/lights are off
  3. Hot water tank is on and producing hot water
  4. Ensure the heating system is functioning properly
  5. Report any unusual smells
  6. Check the breaker panel(s) for tripped breakers
  7. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not beeping
  8. Keyless entry is functioning
  9. Each toilet is flushed to reduce the chance of water stains
  10. Ensure thermostats throughout the unit are set to 15 degrees in winter and 10
    degrees in summer
  11. Propane supply is shut off for the barbeque
  12. Ensure all windows and doors are properly closed and locked
  13. Fireplace pilot light on
  14. Toilet, faucets, sinks, tubs and showers not leaking
  15. Kitchen appliances are off and not leaking
  16. Report any wet carpet areas and check in floor radiant heat.
  17. Report any visual and/or structural damage
  18. Report any ceiling leaks
  19. Hot tub lid in place and locked (If applicable)
  20. Walk around building – report any visual and/or structural damage to roof and/or sidings

If you would like us to add anything to this list please do not hesitate to contact us

“We own a large chalet which we rent nightly. We started using 3peaksrentals last year for both our insurance walk throughs and the cleaning of our chalet. They have done an amazing job with both. We are using them again this year and we have no worries whatsoever with regards to them taking care of our home. We have full confidence in every aspect of the work they do and it really does gives us 100% piece of mind knowing they are taking care of our home so well. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for someone to take care of their insurance walk throughs.

Dawn and Jimmy Eliason – April, 2020”

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